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edX course building guide

To Do  (updated Sep 12)

  • Grading in studio (Will to adjust with super admin)
    • Graded componenttotal weightNo.
      Personal Reflection6012
      Course Project301
      Lesson critique51
      Resource Annotation51
      Weekly Checklist07
  • Self-assessment for personal reflections (add rubric) (Note: Personal reflection questions have to be implemented as self-assessment open-repose type problem) (I cannot edit them with my permission level)
  • other assignments and course project
  • Show early draft to Jim, Rosemary, and Stian (And Laurie) 
  • Week zero video retake or just text?
  • Follow up with resource collective
  • Revise all grading type in outline
  • Revise/approve the description of all graded components
  • Revise syllabus 


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  1. email to learner: enrolment email



    checklist at the end of a unit. with feedback.

  2. certificate by payment 


    and no honor code. they can do the assignment  

  3. can learners create a portfolio of their work, for example lesson design or resource annotation, for their future reference?