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Teaching With Technology and Inquiry: An Open Course For Teachers

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Brief Description

Instructors from the worlds of research and practice engage you in design-oriented collaborative activities focused on K-12 STEAM+ learning.

Full Description

INQ101x is designed with K-12 teachers in mind. Teacher candidates, higher education instructors, and other educators may also find it relevant. In six weeks, we discuss some of the major themes and challenges of integrating inquiry and technology as a community of practitioners. 

In Week 0 we get to know each other. You can also take a look at a annotated resource collective created by learners in our live offering of INQ101x in 2015 and a collection of lesson design from previous learners and from a graduate course taught by professor Slotta. 

  • Week 1: Inquiry and student-centred pedagogy 
    • We review dominant inquiry frameworks and examine general themes in technology integration in teaching and learning. We follow the process of a technology-integrated inquiry-based science lesson design. 
  • Week 2: Designing Activities and Assessments
    • We examine opportunities and challenges in designing technology integration in teaching and learning. A physics teacher reflects on assessment design in relation to the learning outcomes of a technology-integrated inquiry lesson.   
  • Week 3: Collaborative learning
    • Research and practice show barriers to engaging students in collaborative learning activities. We review challenges of designing for collaboration and examine design approaches to promote student engagement. A visual arts teacher explains his online collaborative critique lesson design
  • Week 4: Handheld/mobile devices 
    • We review various forms of handheld devices and examine where in lesson design and implementation can these devices be integrated.  A biology teacher reflects on the design and implementation of a lesson that uses a mobile app.
  • Week 5: Knowledge co-constriction
    • We examine design factors in promoting student-contributed knowledge. A math teacher and researcher share their collaborative experience in designing a statistics lesson that emphasizes knowledge co-construction. 
  • Week 6: Inquiry Enactment
    • We discuss challenges of classroom management and student engagement in technology enhanced/integrated learning and examine strategies to overcome such challenges. Teachers who shared their lesson design reflect on challenges they faced and decisions they made accordingly. 
  • Participation options
    • INQ101x fosters two parallel participation options: Foundations strand and Design strand. You can complete INQ101x and obtain a Statement of Accomplishment through the foundations strand and engage in reflection, peer discussion, and lesson design evaluation. You can become deeply involved in lesson design with your peers by entering the Design strand. You can move between the two strands throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes

  • connecting theory to practice
    • theoretical understanding of student learning
    • theoretical understanding of teacher practice
    • the role of inquiry activities and technology in enabling those processes
  • integrating inquiry into instruction
    • how much, when, and for what?
    • assessment: the role of technology in revealing student ideas 
    • design: teacher as curriculum designer and action researcher
    • enactment: things that can go right and wrong during the inquiry lesson
  • specific forms of inquiry learning
    • collaboration
    • Integrating Web-based resources
    • mobile devices
    • collective inquiry and student-contributed content
  • support for teachers in a school community
    • what we need from our school
    • what we can get from our peers
    • a possible role for virtual community

Course Dates

  • Start date: July 1
  • End date: August 28 (6 weeks plus 2 weeks for grading)

Course Length

  •  6 weeks

Estimated Effort

  •  3-5 hours per week


 Some knowledge of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) topics and learning technologies, as well as some prior teaching experience, are recommended but not required.

(more details: Some knowledge of STEAM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) topics is recommended, as well as some prior teaching experience. Knowledge of learning technologies would be an asset but not required, as you will develop this knowledge or further enhance your existing knowledge during this course.)


    • Content: English
    • Videos: English
    • Transcript: English, Portuguese

Course Level

  • Intermediate

Certificate types and price

  •  Free and verified
  • 40$ (US)

Course Staff


  • Jim D. Slotta (1st to be listed)
    • Bio: Jim Slotta is an Associate Professor of Education at The University of Toronto, where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Education and Technology. Before coming to Toronto, From 1997 - 2005, he was at the University of California, Berkeley where he led the design and development of the Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (http://wise.berkeley.edu). Since 2005, he has directed the ENCORE lab (http://encorelab.org) - a team of students, designers and developers who investigate new models of collaborative and collective inquiry in K-12 science.  His research investigates new forms of inquiry for K-12 science classrooms, where students engage with simulations and visualizations, collaborate with peers, and work as a knowledge community to investigate phenomena, contribute their own ideas, develop designs, and create scientific arguments. His research is conducted in close collaboration with teachers, ensuring their role as a learning partner and transforming their classrooms into creative and active learning environments.  Professor Slotta maintains collaborations in Europe, North America and Asia, and has published and presented widely on the international stage. 
  • Rosemary Evans (2nd to be listed)
    • Bio: Rosemary Evans is the principal of University of Toronto Schools, a secondary school for high achieving students affiliated with the University of Toronto. She received her BA in history from the University of Western Ontario and her MA, BEd, and MBA from the University of Toronto. She served as a teacher, department head, and subject coordinator for the Peel Board of Education, and later as a vice-principal in the former East York Board of Education. During her time as an instructor in the Initial Teacher Education Program at OISE, Rosemary was the recipient of a Teaching Excellence Award. She later accepted the role of Academic Head at Branksome Hall, where she oversaw the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Programs from junior kindergarten to grade twelve. Rosemary is the author of a number of history textbooks, and has given presentations locally and internationally on topics such as assessment and evaluation, critical thinking and inquiry based learning, and global education.
    • Picture: 

Certificate Signatories  

  • Jim Slotta
  • Associate professor, Department of  Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
  • Signature
  • Rosemary Evans
  • Principal
  • University of Toronto Schools
  • Signature 

Social Networking Information

  • Course hashtag
    • #INQ101x 
  • Course twitter handle
    • @INQ101x  (Info that we want to add to be decided)
  • Professor Twitter Handle
    • @JimSlotta
  • University or Institution Twitter Handle
    • @UofT
    • @OISENews
  • Additional Professor Twitter Handle
    • @Rosemary_Evans
  • Other Twitter Handle
    • Anyone wants to be added here?
  •  url for your course or university Facebook page.
  • Are you interested in scheduling Meetup Events for your course?
    • No (Please change to yes if we want metopes for INQ101x)


Subject Field

  • Education
  • Social Sciences

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Implementation and Design Considerations

    • professional circles (email to be sent)
      • School boards
      • UofT community
      • OISE community
      • Course community
      • Canadian Schools of Education  (CSSE)
      • Encore ppl professional circles


Archived Content 

  • Course video - trailer video, with jim and rosemary, UTS school - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14941460/InquiryMOOC/Week%200%20-%20Trailer/MOOCtrailer_inprogress_draft.mov
  • Course info
      • 576 characters: This is a MOOC for teachers in STEAM topics (science, technology engineering, arts, math) that want to learn about adding inquiry and technology lessons to their classrooms. Instructors are from the two worlds of research and practice - a professor and a school principal who team up to share their experiences and lead you to reflect on examples and even design new lessons of your own. This MOOC is different from others, because it connects you with peers in shared experiences, and even lets you dive deeper into focused design groups, depending on your level of interest.




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