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Research topics:

  • Impact of design on participation 
    • scripting theory
    • PD
    • impacts of participation on learners’ knowledge and practice relevant to Inquiry Based Learning
  • Design
    • participant intent
    • weekly check on participants
      • will be in Low level
      • will be in high level
      • will be permanently out
      • will be back in the coming weeks
    • If leaving forever,
      • why?






 CSSE 2015 poster



paper in progress to be published




Coetzee, D., Lim, S., Fox, A., Hartmann, B., and Hearst, M.A. Structuring Interactions for Large-Scale Synchronous Peer Learning, CSCW 2015, to appear.

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Teacher professional development networks in International Journal of Web Based Communities Edited by Maarten de Laat (In preparation).


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