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  • Two weeks per theme
  • Two or three students take "ownership of each theme."
  • Meet with instructors to plan homeworks, readings and in-class activities and discussions - using the calendar pages below.


  • First week: become a knowledge community around that theme
    • we read, we explore previous implementations, we discuss - emphasize media
  • Second week: we experience more of the community practices - emphasize communities
    • we try to emulate the practice patterns of a knowledge community that uses this media theme
    • we discuss implications for learning and knowledge.

      Design ideas

Sept 11, 2008: page for our activities today
Sept 18, 2008: explore designs from previous years. Each present one. Discuss.
Sept 25, 2008: Social Networking + Design meeting
Oct 2, 2008: Social Networking (jim away)
Oct 9, 2008: Knowledge Building and Semantic Aggregation + design meeting
Oct 16, 2008 Knowledge Building and Semantic Aggregation
Oct 23, 2008: Layered Information Systems + design meeting
Oct 30, 2008: Layered Information System (jim away)

deleted NOv 6 and 13 because I moved them as children to the implementations page (Fall 08) under Immersive Env)
Nov 20, 2008: Design day (optional)
Smart Spaces-Implementation Session 1-Nov 27 2008: Smart Spaces (Kristine, Ruth, Celina)
Smart Spaces-Implementation Session 2- Dec 4 2008: Smart Spaces (Kristine, Ruth, Celina)+ design meeting
Dec 11, 2008: final design fair (if you need to miss this, its ok - but we will have good food.)
Dec 19, 2008 - final write ups are due

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