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Basic approach: Knowledge media for knowledge communities

This course is conducted as a knowledge community, where we work together, led each week by a pair of students who choose one of the themes and design (in consultation withh hte instructor) and experience that really helps the community develop an understanding of the topic. We also wish to gradually "grow" our wiki, as an aggregation of our community's knowledge.

Each week, we will have pre-class and in-class activities.

We should be thinking about those activities several weeks in advance, so when our week is "next" we can introduce the pre-class activities, etc.

We are also responsible to document what we did in the wiki, as well as to improve the overall "theme page" - adding our own year's experiences, as well as updating to keep things current.

Prior Syllabi, etc

tentative syllabus, 2010

2008 syllabus

Reflections about the process

Winter, 2006 (Jan - May)

This was the first year of the course in this format. We identified four major themes, and took turns leading the themes, and also pioneered the use of a wiki, and hoped to create a lasting set of resources

Fall, 2006

One thing that really emerged this year was a model of how to progress within a theme.
We also pioneered the design project, where we came up with te idea of targeting a specific knowledge community, and developing a media-enhanced learning experience for that community.

Fall, 2007

Fall 2007 class notes

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