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Course themes: Winter, 2016  

  1. Formal education (K-12)

  2. Informal learning (museums, MOOCs, maker movement, Meet-Ups, etc)

  3. Health, Lifestyle, Homes and Cities, (fit Bit, sleep right, eHealth etc, Smart devices, etc)

  4. Sharing Economy (Meet-up, AirBNB, Uber, Tinder, YikYak)

Knowledge Media Themes (from Previous Course offerings) 

Web 2.0

Smart Learning Spaces

Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

Tangible and Embodied Interactions

Knowledge Media for Knowledge Communities. - one of the original themes that wasn't quite like the others

Layered Information Systems - this one had a lot of activity, mash-ups of information, etc

(GIS, Google Earth, etc)

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