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Notes from KMD Drupal meeting 2 (Nov 18, 2008)

1. Role of site
    -build capacity for the student community
    -ex:  graduate work is interpreted through the theme of "kmd" and then have the  drupal site as a portfolio showcase.  
    -a critical mass of information for KMDI events, KMDI-related events, KMDI people, KMDI artifacts (Gallery), projects, and courses

2. what its capabilities should be:   

    gallery pages (that aggregates from content off of peoples' profile pages?) showcases work    
    profile pages including personal portfolios (also alumni portfolio)
    chat and/or discussion   
    course pages including course projects (also student feedback on courses?)
    project pages
    news/events/blog (rss feed)/ upcoming lectures
    committee pages
    job searching   
    history of events/pictures?
    -participation (bottom-up)

3. action plan

 design/theme (Denise Pinto, Norman Valdez?)
 -need to narrow down a visual theme  for the site is a good place to start looking at "readymade" themes. They can be adapted by tweaking the CSS.

 site structure
        -modules must be chosen to support website capabilities
        -user permissions & accounts              
        -different kinds of user types: regular people, KMD CP students, students in courses?, committee members, heads of committees?, administrators        

populating w/ content
        -make it mandatory to populate w/ content if you are a KMD student or prof?         
        -make it mandatory to post up personal portfolio?          

 assign roles/tasks
        -ex: site administrator
        -ex: site designer    

develop a timeline for action

        -still needs to be created: when do we plan to launch the site? who will occupy what roles and by when will they accomplish their tasks?          
        -suggested launch for January term     

next meeting, Tues Nov 25th @ 4:15  


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