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As a progressive culminating design activity students work in groups to develop a theoretically grounded lesson, using technology-enhanced media. Design pages illustrate the collection of ideas and approaches to design and develop knowledge communities for a variety of purposes. Design projects are in different levels of implementation and some of them may have the capacity to be picked up and further developed in future KMD2003 classes.

Winter, 2016 Design Ideas

Previous years' design efforts

We typically start by setting up a "brainstorm page" where each of us adds a "seed" of an idea that came to us in the first weeks of the course. This could connect one of the course themes to a certain institution, like education, health, music - or an issue like global climate, homelessness, etc. Brainstorm contributions include a basic overview of the idea, what knowledge media it would employ, and what knowledge communities it would intersect with. Then we all go through the brainstorm entries and add our names to the ones that we think we could possibly be interested in working on, as well as comments below it. After the initial brainstorming phase, we establish working groups, choose a topic, and spend the remaining design time putting flesh on our idea. Please feel free to refer to previous design ideas below, as you think about your own idea and even as you develop it during the course.


Winter, 2015 Design Ideas

Fall 2013 

Add your design ideas here: Brainstorming Design Fall, 2013 ideas

Here is a template: Jim's demo 

Fall 2013 Design Pages

Winter 2013

 2013 Design Pages

Winter, 2011

2011 Design Brainstorm page

2011 Design Pages

Winter, 2010
Here is our brainstorm for 2010
2010 Design Pages

Fall, 2008
brainstorm for 2008
2008 Design Pages

Fall, 2007
brainstorm for 2007
2007 Design pages
2006 Design pages

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