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Welcome to SmartEducation

Pre-work; (RW)^2: Read, Watch, Reflect, Write

  1. Read and Reflect (RR): Please read the attached article (<<---), reflect on this paper and on your own experience with technology in your schools (e.g. what's the role of technology in education, your experience either as a teacher or as a student, ...).
    This is a summary of a very interesting book:
    Collins, A. & Halverson, R. (2009). Rethinking education in the age of technology: The digital revolutions and the schooling in America. New York: Teachers College Press. 

    Yes!!reading a book by reading only a 10-page article!! Don't miss it!!

  2.  Watch and Reflect (WR):Watch the TED video (<< ---) and reflect on it. 

    Nice talk! you will enjoy! believe us! 

  3. Write (W): What’s your understanding and perception of "SmartEducation"? Please bring to class your definition of SmartEducation in less than 100 words. Please do NOT use these two words "education" and "smart". Do not share it with others at this moment, just save your definition on your laptops or smartphones. As part of our class activities, we will analyze your perceptions of "Smart Education", so Please do NOT forget to bring this short writing.




Presentation and Discussion


Station Session 1


Station Session 2

14:45 - 15:15

Station Session 3

15:15 - 15:45

Station Session 4

15:45 -16:00

Wrap Up


The theme of the first week is "engage" and "explore". We will encourage the team to share their own experience with technology in education–what they have enjoyed or failed, and what they believe will happen in the near future. 

  • Understanding current technologies used in education

  • Explore and discuss the five areas in SmartEducation:

    • SmartSchool
    • SmartLearning
    • SmartAssessment
    • SmartGaming
    • SmartUniversity
  • Try to testdrive some of the tools or systems, and discuss their experience and possible improvements.

Classroom Setup

  • Semicircle in the middle and five stations in the corners, each table with 4 chairs

  • Mindmap on flipcharts, color pens

  • Sign card for each table

Session 1: Presentation (Engage)

Presentation (40m)

  • 5 min - Poll first. 

  • 35 min Discussion - Use wordle to see common themes in definitions on smart education. Come up with definition as a class based on word cloud and compare it to our own comprehensive definition.

  • Break

To have a better engagement of the entire class, we used insert Pollweverywhere slides into the PowerPoint deck. Polleverywhere slides enables us to collect feedbacks instantly from the audiences, and simultaneously present the data visually, like chart, graph or wordle, etc. 

The final presentation and all the responds to the poll can be access at here: 


Session 2: Breakout (Explore)

Five workout stations were prepared. On each station, the guide will share few tools or system in each area for the audience to try out. After the test-drive, the audience will record their reflections, feedback or suggestions. 

SmartSchool- Experiencing SmartBoard

SmartLearning- Trying below applications:





Sign Up

At the end of the class, everyone is expected to sign up for the area that he/she wants to explore further.  Based on the sign-up, they will be given different reading as homework.

Please sign up for the theme you would like to explore further. Only one name for each cell.

ThemesTeam Member 1Team Member 2Team Member 3 Team Member 4



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