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Welcome to SmartEducation Week 2



Please click here to open the Google Doc with the homework for SmartSchool.


  1. Improvements from a Flipped Classroom May Simply Be the Fruits of Active Learning
  2. DVx_Adaptive_Learning_White_Paper.pdf

Please post your reflections to Google Doc by clicking here.


Please click here to open the Google Doc with the homework for Smart Gamification


Hello SmartAssessment team!

Your assignment for Smart Assessment is here

The assignment includes Pre-reading, Reading, and Post-reading.


Please click here to open the Google Doc with the homework for SmartU.

PS: Please leave your email in the Google Doc. You will receive an email from me, hopfully I will not be send to spam.....


ThemesTeam Member 1Team Member 2Team Member 3Team Member 4

Please read and reflect based on your grouping. The articles can be found in the column on the left. Please record your reflections in each of the Google Doc created.


1:15-2:00 Review and Presentation


2:00-3:15  Design and Presentation

Guiding Questions for Design

Influential Learning Moments

Slides-Guiding Questions


Policy-Maker Group: Google Slides

3:15-3:30  Break

3:30-4:00  Design project by Jim 

Review and Presentation

Task: Students are expected to reflect on the jigsaw reading, and come up with a summary of what they have learnt. Each reading group will present the summary and reflection to the whole class.


 Group Review Slide-Show 

Design and Presentation


Task: Four scenarios are prepared, each with different stockholders. The group members need to discuss their problems, challenges and solutions for a smarter education in their own settings. 

Scenario 1:

K-12 school in 2025

Stakeholders: Teacher, parent and students

Scenario 2

Corporate professional learning centre in 2025

Stakeholders: CEO, professional development leaders, trainees

Scenario 3

University in 2025

Stakholders: Government, Dean, professors, students, TA's

Scenario 4

Ministry of Education in 2025

Stakeholders: Politicians, boards of education, learners, researchers

Guiding questions:

Guiding Questions for the design of an educational experience in the year 2025

1)     What was one of the most valuable and memorable learning experience in your life? If you distill it down to one moment or one feeling what can you take away from it? How can you include this in your design?

2)     What are the problems you see in the current classes, schools, education policy, etc., as a learner, teacher, administrator and parent?

3)     What is the role of each of the stakeholders in your design (ex. What is the role of a teacher in 2025? Will the role be different? If so, how?

4)     What is your educational mandate?

5)     What is the learning experience? (ex. Is gamification used? What is the student-teacher-community relationship? How does the school provide the infrastructure and the supports for learning? )

6)     How will learning be assessed? (ex. How could learning analytics be used?)


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