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Your first job is to find one partner (or at most: two) that you want
to work with in framing out a design idea, similar to what we did in
class last week, where we came up with three different kinds of
immersive multi-user environments.  I hope you will see, as you get
deeper into these ideas, that they can be very compelling and unfold
into a wealth of understanding about whatever particular theme (or
themes) you are working with in the design.

To find a partner, and think about possible ideas BEFORE Thursday, I
suggest we combine using the wiki "design brainstorm" page and Ning.
In the wiki brainstorm page, you can find one or two projects that you
might be interested in working on further.  Perhaps the one you came
up with, or the one you added your name to.  In Ning, you can "leave
messages" for individual members of the class (obviously, e-mail them
if you know their e-mail address) - basically find some way to get in
touch, and confirm an interest in working together.  Then discuss the
idea by e-mail, etc.  I suggest you take one more look at some of the
excellent design ideas from 2007 and 2006 (available via a link right
below the "2008 brainstorm" link)

Here is the main design ideas page:
Here is Ning:  Ning:

If you just can come up with a partner but no firm idea, its possible
to catch up on Thursday.  If you can't come up with a partner or an
idea, please e-mail me and Hedieh by Wed night so we can be aware of
your situation.

Otherwise, once you have arrived at an idea and a partner, please
create a "Design Idea page" on the "2008 Design Ideas" page - (the
link to this is right below the brainstorm link).  There are
instructions on the main page about how to create a page using the
"design ideas" template, as well as a link with some further kinds of
headers or sections that you might consider.

Hedieh and I will have a look at these Design ideas on Thursday (me
remotely) to get a sense of how the class is doing, in the homework:
pairing up and finding ideas.  She will arrive at class on Thursday
with a plan that will likely involve about 30% of initial meeting and
planning, then 30% of presenting and discussing, then 30% of going
back to work based on peer feedback.  "Work" will involve fleshing out
the design idea, starting to fill in the wiki page, etc.

We will have three more weeks on these after this Thursday - which is
enough time, I think.  The purpose of this assignment is not to force
you all to make a fully fleshed out design, but at least to get a
chance to really think through a possible immersive environment,
layered information system, social network, semantic aggregation, or
smart space of your own.

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