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Add Resources Below

Here's how:

  • Add your Resource by selecting the "Add page" link at the top right. Don't worry about putting a link for it on this page; we are using the "children" function -so all resources will just appear automatically.
  • Once the New Page window comes up, give it a name, and then choose "Select a page template to start from"
  • from the list of templates, choose "KMDI 2003 Resources"
  • Once your page is created, edit it by specifying the metadata according to the instructions you will see there
  • In the section at the bottom marked "Review and wiki," add your review, or any other content you have that is relevant to the resource.
  • If you have an attachment, first save your edits, then choose the "Attachment" tab on your resoiurce page, and upload the attachment(s).
  • You can add a link to the attachment just by calling it by name, in square brackets.

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