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Project Name
Immersive Environments Readings

Below are the links for various articles that will be assigned as homework. Further below, are questions designed to facilitate your understanding and guide us in our presentation of our design ideas.


Johnson, L.F., & Levine, A.H. Virtual Worlds. Inherently Immersive, Highly Social Learning Spaces. Available online:

In Class Activity

Useful videos 

Virtual World

Intro to second life

Fire fighter's training Simulation

Groups for Group Activity

Please put your name under the specific immersive environments you would like to be a part of.

1. Second Life Tour

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2. Wii Fit game (physical, health, multi sensory)

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  • Nathan
  • Dominika
  • Courtney
  • Alyssa


3. SimCity (City building Simulation game)

SimCity tutorial (Video)

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4. World of Warcraft ( Goal oriented popular massively multiplayer roleplaying online game)

What is world of warcraft? :  A preview ( video):
: Perkins, B.. (2009, November). World of Warcraft In the Workplace. Computerworld, 43(32), 30.

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Collaboration - Comments

Instead of collaborating on these articles within this wiki space, we've created an Immersive Environment on Facebook groups, as a place to leave your comments within our discussion board.  You could also chat within the space as well.

From Cresencia:
Here's the Jensen & de Castell (2009) paper that I mentioned in class today.  I believe they're saying that simulation play is 'as if', whereas imitative play is 'just like' .  Imitative play (just like) would leave a smaller transfer of learning gap.