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Read the following website ( ) on Communities of Learning, specifically definitions of what cognitive presence, teaching presence and social presence are about. In class, we will be adding to our evaluation of an immersive environment ( )  based on our discussion from last weeks showcase. In addition, please come to class prepared to give a brief (2-3 minutes) verbal summative evaluation on a particular immersive environment of your choice, or, if you prefer, follow the link below and choose one from the list of IE's we've compiled:
Examples of Immersive Environments 


We also have one reading that we wish for you to peruse, as we will be taking it up for discussion on Wednesday.

Clarke, J., & Dede, C., & Dieterle, E. (2008) Emerging Technologies for Collaborative, Mediated, Immersive Learning. In International Handbook of Information Technology in Education. Springer Publications

Optional Readings

(these are helpful for thinking about design ideas)

Clarke, J., Dede, C., Ketelhut, D.J. & Nelson, B.  (2006).  A Design-based Research Strategy to Promote Scalability for Educational InnovationsEducational Technology. 46(3)

Dede, Chris. (1995). The Evolution of Constructivist Learning Environments: Immersion in Distributed, Virtual Worlds. _Educational Technology. _Dunleavy, M., Dede, C. & Mitchell, R. (2008) Affordances and Limitations of Immersive Participatory Augmented Reality Simulations for Teaching and Learning  J Sci Educ Technol 18:7-22

Fraser, M. & Benford, S. (2002) Interaction Effects of Virtual Structures. CVE'02, September 30-October 2, 2002, Bonn, Germany. ACM 1-58113-489-4/02/0009

Oliver, M. & Carr, D. (2009) Learning in virtual worlds: Using communities of practice to explain how people learn from play. British Journal of Educational Technology 40:3 444-457

Swan, K.P., Richardson, J.C.,  Ice, P., Garrison, D.R.,  Cleveland-Innes, M., &  Arbaugh, J.B. (2008) Validating a Measurement Tool of Presence in Online Communities of Inquiry. e-mentor. 2 (24)

Application of education in virtual world

For those who will be enjoying Spring Break, please provide your comments below: 


Theories of virtual world

 Youtube video of teaching and immersive learning

Styles of VR, brief history and Challenges of VR and how to use VR realistically  

Feedback from Groups

Evaluate an Immersive Environment

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