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Layered Systems

Green, T. Data mashups. TechTrends, 54(5), 20-21.

Huang, A. F. M. & Yang, S. J. H. (2009). Situational mashups for ubiquitous learning. International Journal on Digital Learning Technology, 1(3), 245-265.

Homework: Install Google Earth on the device(s) you bring to class ( for Win/Mac/Linux; for smart phones and for iOS device). Play with it (15 minutes minimum)! Find out where you live, where you travel, etc.

Google Earth 'Scavenger Hunt':
Exploring and using different tools of Google Earth to navigate your way around the globe. The document can be found in your Google Doc account.

Presentation conversation from the class

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  1. Here's an interesting video related to RFID-embedded environments that you all might want to have a look at, as well as an article on face-recognition in situation-dependent targeted advertising. Both tie in indirectly to the Huang and Yang piece.