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goals for the day

  • introductions, etc
  • discuss knowledge media, web 2.0, learning
  • discuss course outline, format, etc
  • explore previous materials, themes


  • Introductions, background, etc (30)
    (Wesch Web 2 video)
  • Our course: a "knowledge community"
  • Knowledge media (20)
    • how do we define knowledge media?
    • what are some of your favorites? (a list from previous years)
    • what are some interesting new dimensions?
  • Knowledge communities (20)
    • what are yours?
    • what are some more we know about?
    • where are new media for learning making their appearance in these communities
  • Our course themes and structure (20)
    (20-30 - break afterward??)
    • talk about structure of course
  • review each theme (40 min)
    • look at the knowledge media
    • look at the implementations
    • discuss
  • set up google group, etc. (20 min)


KMD 2003 homework e-mail Jan 6, 2010
Read Scardamalia paper
Complete Theme Review assignment: Survey themes and previous implementations

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