• brainstorm of 2010 course design
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Development of detailed agenda (powerpoint - introduction)

  • note - LCD projector, food (first day);
  • Icebreaker Activity - How many clicks of separation between you and knowledge and/or community? Themes embedded - Also - linking into Knowledge Community - What, When, Why, Where, How, and Who?

I think it would be interesting to spin the whole course more into education, since 90 percent of people are from CTL.(Jim Slotta)

Introduce wiki. (possible Drupal Site - google doc - presentation also)

  • maybe you can demonstrate, on projector
  • collect e-mails, etc - to create accounts that night.
  • let them know there will be a google group

Creation of account: username, password and email -(complete the prepared sign up sheet - and then prior to the class ending - give everyone access.)

Here is a google doc set up for a possible course portal option... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nJGO2vnQOApIJ1NyzjFPltS_ccql_CpaJHVbnFZmSHQ/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

positioning the homework:

  • discuss the theme review assignment (email)
  • discuss that they're supposed to look over all 5 themes, sign up for one as their first choice. Try to spread yourselves across all 5. Selection prior to second week.
  • But also sign up for 2nd and third choice - Choices will be given back to them before the end of class.
  • But that they are going to be responsible for filling out the "theme review" page for purposes of presenting it to the class next week. (Go through some of these reviews with them - highlight 'the good, the better and the best'...
  • Tell them that these presentations are important, because it will give people a sense of what has been done before, and how its related to knowledge media and learning (10 minutes of each...)
  • Tell them that the syllabus only has room for 4 themes, and that you'll need to choose the 4 based on the discussions from next week
  • tell them that you'll also need to choose a theme "to go first" - and that, while they are looking over the themes, etc, maybe they can try to decide if they'd be willing to go first, which would be in 3 weeks, starting Jan 26 (or whatever)

Selection of first group by second week...

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