• C5_Distributed Simulations for Handhelds
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distributed simulation, handheld devices, wireless, Web, simulation server, simulation client, simulated human being, compact, connected, continuous, customizable, collective, Mr. Vetro



Copyright Status

2006 AgentSheets, Inc.

Resource Type

Technology Tools and Environments

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Intended Audience

Elementary School (1st - 5th grade or age 6-10 years), Middle School (6th through 8th grades or age 11-13), High School (9th through 12th grades or age 14-18), Researchers, Teachers/Educators


C5 is a distributed simulation framework that uses wirelessly networked handheld devices to act as simulatin clients to build an effective learning environment.


AgentSheets, Inc.

Topic Area

Mathematics, Humanities, Biological Science, any collaborative science

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