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Science classroom with pedagogical agents

Circulatory System learning

Classroom is broken up into teams to study individual sections of the circulatory system the Agent then 'observes' each of the groups as they are progressing, after certain basic milestones are completed - the students could be instructed to fill in areas in a wiki, and once x amount of content is generated or a specified time-based milestone is reached the agent engages.

Based upon an established breakdown of each student's past work and team patterns the agent then breaks up the old teams into new teams to produce knowledge integration.

The agent then watches the new groups and monitors them for progress - it notices one group is lagging behind another in development of section 'y' finds a group that has done a lot of work in section 'y' but is lagging in 'z' - the system then pings one member from each group to switch so they can share their own strengths creating scaffolding of the knowledge.

Two groups have both done excellent progress in one area but are both missing key elements of the others (the agent learns this by picking up keywords, or tags, that it is instructed to look for) and then opens up a conversation window between the two teams to share their information.

Given that the students are spread out, the pedagogical agent has each student's windows 'follow' them from them as they move between groups, so when they join the second group all their different windows are joined with the new group's on one wall - students could then move between content windows while working on one main collaborative window - enlarging moving and manipulating windows as they needed to (while one group is connecting the heart to the brain in one window, another group is comparing notes on oxygenated blood versus non-oxygenated blood flows).  At the same time the pedagogical agent is helping the students find these connections by pointing out some of these connection as a 'inspiration facilitator'.

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