• Envisioning the handheld-centric classroom
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Handheld, Classroom, Handheld-centric Classroom, Educational Benifit, Pedagogy, Assessment, Learning-in-context, Collaboration, Multiple Resources


Norris, C., & Soloway, E. (2004). Envisioning the handheld-centric classroom. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 30(4), 281-294.

Copyright Status

2004, Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.

Resource Type

Papers and Reports

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Intended Audience

Researchers, Teachers/Educators


This paper first discusses the technology infrastructure and educational benifit of handheld-centric classroom; then it talks about the instructor's perpectives on its application and the challenges of its application in schools.

Topic Area

Research, Teaching, Using technologies in teaching/learning


Cathleen Norris and Elliot Soloway

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This paper is a good start at learning what handheld-centric classroom is? What benifit one can get if using handheld in classroom or even other learning situation? And what challenges one may encournter when applying this technology in classroom teaching and learning.

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