• Interaction effects of virtual structures
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Virtual structures, object interaction, partitioning strategies, software technology

Copyright Status

2002, ACM Press, New York, NY, USA


Fraser, M. & Benford, S. (2002). Interaction effects of virtual structures. In Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Collaborative virtual environments, pp.128-134, September 30-October 02, Bonn, Germany

Resource Type

Papers and Reports

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This paper presents an analysis of pairs of users interacting in a Complex Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE). The analysis highlights behaviours that are caused by the simple virtual structures the CVE provides. This paper also derive design issues to be considered when defining the structure of a shared virtual world.

Intended Audience

Researchers, Teachers/Educators

Topic Area

Research, Technology Development Design


Mike Fraser and Steve Benford

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This paper is a little technical oriented from the perspective of educational research. It talks about the effects of different VE rendering strategies on the interaction of users of VEs. Its target readers should be the designers (programmers) of virtual environments. One thing that educational researchers can learn from this paper is that the design of learning environment, especially the information (or knowledge) presentation strategies, can affect how students learn.

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