• International Children's Digital Library, (ICDL) - A Library for the World's Children
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multilingual digital library, children's books, internet, communities of children

Copyright Status

Material is in public domain



Resource Type

Web spaces and Communities

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ICDL was designed for children with children at the Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab at the University of Maryland. It is a digital library collection of books from different countries in different languages. This website provides links to papers and presentations describing the development of the library as well as to the Human Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland.

Intended Audience

Primary Level (age 2-5 years), Elementary School (1st - 5th grade or age 6-10 years), Middle School (6th through 8th grades or age 11-13), Informal Learning (museums non-profits etc), Researchers, Teachers/Educators

Topic Area

Research, Teaching, Language Arts, Technology Studies,


International Children's Digital Library Foundation, University of Maryland

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