• Kid Pad_A design collaboration between children, technologists, and educators
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children, design techniques, cooperative design, educational applications, evaluation, participatory design, social issues, Pad++, KidPad

Copyright Status

Copyright ACM 1997


Druin, A., Stewart, J., Proft, D., Bederson, B., Hollan, J. (1997, March). KidPad: a design collaboration between children, technologists, and educators. Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, 463-470, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Papers and Reports

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The article summarizes the collaboration experience between adult experts and children in designing KidPad, an expressive digital medium with an intuitive interface. It describes the goals of the application development, user profile and the design process.

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Topic Area

Technology Studies, Participatory Design


Allison Druin, Jason Stewart, David Proft, Ben Bederson, Jim Hollan

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Paper describes how Children, Technologists and Educators collaborated to design KidPad

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