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PAS VLE is an open source Java desktop application that is used to present curriculum to students. Curriculum in the PAS VLE is presented in the form of a project containing activities and steps. The image below illustrates the learning environment, which is presenting some curriculum on the use of airbags. The project name is Airbags, Too Fast, Too Furious?, the first activity is entitled Thinking about airbags and the step that the student is viewing is called What do engineers do?

How can I use the VLE?

You can launch examples of curriculum in the VLE.

The VLE is available via the PAS portal and downloaded to the user's local machine where it is launched. Data from the user's interaction with the curriculum is saved remotely or locally for subsequent use.

Note that although this functionality is currently available in the PAS portal, it is very limited at this time. Only a few projects have been placed in the portal, and they can only be launched for a single user. More functionality will be available by Summer 2007.

System requirements for launching

  • an internet connection
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or greater. download the latest JRE
  • since the VLE is a java application it can be run on any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
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