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History of M3F

The Mind, Media and the Message Festival (M3F) formerly known as, the McLuhan Multimedia Festival is a national digital arts festival for secondary students run by secondary students. It was started six years ago by a group of grade ten students at Marshall McLuhan C.S.S.

M3F Vision:

  • Giving secondary students the opportunity to showcase their skills to the digital arts industry.
  • Giving students the opportunity to discover post-secondary opportunities in the digital arts industry and provide links with digital art professionals.
  • Creating for students a national and international digital arts network.

The festival is creating clusters of communities nation-wide, and helps students to combine the older tradition of art with the modern traditions of technology to create something amazing. The festival is interdisciplinary in its conception as it combines a variety of skill sets to allow students to actively construct knowledge about arts, culture, technology and the world they live in.

Here is a link to the official M3F wiki

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KITL Room M3F and Hong Kong#anchor

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