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For general information about Microsoft Robotics Studio, see An overview of the platform is available in this press release.

This ENCORE wiki page is primarily concerned with using Microsoft Robotics Studio as a pedagogical tool in teaching and exploring the field of Robotics and A.I., especially at the higher-education level. The page is maintained by Matt Zukowski and the

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, and was developed under Prof. Jun Luo at the University of Toronto while exploring the use of various software tools for use in teaching robotics and A.I. theory, specifically concerning spatial perception.

Our first goal is to develop a tutorial describing from start to finish the process of developing an autonomous robot guided by the Monte Carlo localization algorithm. You can see (and contribute to) this effort here (currently in progress).


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robotics, AI, programming, simulation, MSRS

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Microsoft Corporation

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Technology Tools and Environments

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Higher Education (college or university or beyond), Researchers


Software platform for programming real and simulated robots. Supports many hardware devices and includes a sophisticated 3D simulation environment.

Topic Area

Robotics and A.I.


Microsoft Corporation, MIT

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