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Mobile Technology meeting Jan. 16 2009 - Discussed WISE3 Q&A, WISE3 Journaling Tool, Tim's goals. Attendees: Tim, Hiroki, Geoff.
Mobile Technology meeting Jan. 30 2009

Mobile Device Education Data Collection Tools Specs -some thoughts

Here are some ideas on what we think would be useful for a suite of mobile device Data Collection Tools for education.  Please add your thoughts and let us know where resources already exist or where we will run into technology challenges.

 Data Collection Tool

Provide a back button to go back to previously answered questions.
provide a question by question questionaire for students to collect data.
Question could be multiple choice or type in.
provide an hint pop up window for students when hints are needed.
automatically send data to server after question are finished.
- allow students to attach photos
- include a "notes" or "comments" section
- support the inclusion of image, video and audio files as a resource to learners during data collection
- have an autosave function to make sure students don't loose data
- ability to geotag data collection site
- icon to connect back to WISE project

Data Viewing/Representation Tool

send and retieve data to and from server easily and quickly - speed of data transfer should be fast.
The server should be able to sort the data recieved in some order. Group/Class/etc.
Have a easy to use search tool that returns the results in a graphical representation.
- multiple representations to choose from (bar, pie chart, line graph, ...)
Be able to save the graphs produced by the tools - both for immediate comparisons, and later use in WISE.
Be able to show more than 1 saved graph on screen for comparing purposes.
Be able to change the category of graphical data from Group/Class/All
- label data rep with students' names

Data Analysis Tool

 An ideal tool for data analysis would be able to:
- pick out two or more categories and be able to filter down to the specific data using a search tool to compare two questions
- allows curriculum designers to limit students' choices of data for specific learning purposes (e.g., coloration of fish) - customizable
- allow for hints/prompts to be retrieved if necessary - customizable
- be able to choose the category of data from Group/Class/All

Communication Tool

An ideal communication tool would be able to:
- keep a log of conversation history for each student
- retrieve the logs without having to sync each phone into a computer (maybe it can be a forum type chat)
- timestamp each message sent
- keep track of students' names
- save conversation into WISE accounts for later use by students
- notify student of a new message even while running another programs (wise/other)
- send files via comm. tool (image, pdf, ...)

- could the new WISE discussion tool meet these specs?

Skype (calls or chat)
Meebo (chat-alerts on top bar)

IM+ (7 day trial only)


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discussion of the use of mobile technology in educational settings (inside and outside classrooms)

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