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OTrunk is a Java framework developed at Concord Consortium that supports the creation and modification of rich Java component-based interactive content and the persisting of both author and learner state of this content. OTrunk uses otml, an extensible declarative xml-based language for both declarative layout and composition of content as well as for object state persistence (both learner and authored data).

Please note that most of the links below take you out of the ENCORE wiki and into another wiki platform (as signified by the small green arrow next to the link).

OTrunk supports the creation of interactive pedagogical content with arbitrary complexity. OTrunk was used originally for the TEEMSS and TEEMSS2 projects at Concord Consortium. In the TEEMSS2 project an OTrunk document consisting of 15 Physical Science Units each with two Investigations consisting of 9 sections was delivered to participating teachers and students. A variation of OTrunk was used to deploy the pedagogical materials on Palm and Pocket PC handheld computers.

Native OTrunk components include:

  • Sensor graphs able to work with Probeware interfaces from five vendors
  • A drawing tool with stamps and background images.
  • Graphs for drawing predictions.
  • Five different Algebra tnvestigation tools.
  • Open text response components.
  • Multiple-choice components.

You can get a flavor of OTrunk at the OTrunk Introduction page.

O-trunk demos

Here are a couple Demos of O-trunk, with annotations

OTrunk documents were integrated into the TELS project as PAS steps. This allows PAS steps full access to the components integrated into OTrunk.

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Technology Tools and Environments

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Primary Level (age 2-5 years), Elementary School (1st - 5th grade or age 6-10 years), Middle School (6th through 8th grades or age 11-13), High School (9th through 12th grades or age 14-18), Higher Education (college or university or beyond), Informal Learning (museums non-profits etc), Public and continuing education, Researchers, Teachers/Educators


O-trunk is an open source technology framework that supports the creation of interactive learning materials. Developed by technology specialists at the Concord Consortium, it supports a wide range of applications


Scott Cytacki, Stephen Bannasch, Jim Slotta

Topic Area

Research, Teaching, Physical Science, Earth Science, Mathematics, Music and Arts, Humanities, History and Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology Studies,

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  1. fyi: OTrunk is spelled: OTrunk, not O-trunk.

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