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PAS Portal

The PAS Portal is the central hub of the Researcher Pack. It is a web application that provides a user registration system where accounts and profiles are set up. It provides the launch mechanism for students to download and start using curnits inside the Virtual Learning Environment. The portal is also the place where the user interaction data during each learning session is saved and retrieved. The saved interaction data is what allows the students to resume the activities and steps in a subsequent learning session.

The PAS portal has been developed by multiple programmers in multiple places since summer of 2006 and can be installed and tested using these instructions aimed at developers. PAS Portal Requirements Page depicts what the PAS Portal should do. An illustration of how the Pas Portal might work can be found on the SAIL Prototype Microportal where you can view and run PAS offerings.

A key element of the PAS Portal is Sail Data Services (SDS). You can find out more about the SDS.

Cynick Young and Hiroki Terashima wrote a paper and presented together at the 2008 Agile Conference: The paper is an experience report on distributed-agile development. If you would like a copy of the paper, please contact them.

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