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This page contains agendas of meetings that are held for developing the Pas Researcher Pack

February 22, 2008

Decided in the SAIL-dev meeting that we need to have a "small serious retreat" in Concord, MA on March 7 (all day) and March 8 (morning). Hiroki (Berkeley), Rokham (Toronto), Scott (Concord), Aaron
(Concord), Stephen (Concord), Turadg (CMU) will attend in person. Others will phone in for a conference as needed. This retreat will be used to prepare, plan, and start developing the Pas Researcher Pack

February 29, 2008

Discuss agenda for the small retreat

March 5, 2008

Pas Researcher Pack and its development plans were presented to the TELS Leaders and was received well. They want to be updated on the progress.

March 7 & 8, 2008

Small retreat at Concord
Agenda Page

March 10 2008 2pm-4pm PST

Hiroki & Stephen met over iChat to discuss getting sds deployed on warbler:

They went through script on this page: and tried to get Hiroki's sds working as a WAR file on Tomcat. They didn't get Hiroki's sds working in JRuby (they saw database problems), so they then tried and succeed to get a simpler application called "blog" working in JRuby and the H2 database. Then they tried to get the blog application into a war file and deploy it on Tomcat. They got very close, and saw some database problems, and called it a day.

March 11 2008 3pm-5pm PST

Hiroki & Stephen met over iChat to continue getting the simple "blog" application into a WAR file and deployed in Tomcat.

During this meeting, Hiroki and Stephen kept improving the confluence documentation page Stephen added more on getting ruby applications (sds and blog) into a war file using warbler. Hiroki added a section on deploying the war file on tomcat.

March 18 2008 11am-1pm PST

Rokham, Tony & Hiroki met over Skype to

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