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Pas Researcher Pack Wiki Space



This wiki space will be used by the various developers who are working on the Pas Researcher Pack (PRP).

It will include links out to our code repositories, as well as JIRA problem trackers and other tools.  It will also be a place where we can create what will be the public face for the PRP ENCORE Resource, constructing the overview pages, keeping track of documentation, etc.  

Notable Meetings, dates


Click HERE to see the PRP RESOURCES PAGE, where we publish "final public pages" like the installer pages, etc, as compared to this "ENCORE PRP COllaboration page" which is where we keep drafts, notes, works in progress, temporary links, etc.

PRP Development Plan


Take notes on this page, edit it, add new pages - use this space to keep track of work.

1. Collaborate with Laurel and Hiroki to get MYSQL 6.0 with the transactional database (use 5.x if transactional version isn't available), version "innodb" working in the TELS portal on the ENCORE server. This must happen by Friday Sept. 21.

Hiroki will help make sure this gets accomplished by giving you tasks to do. David and Rokham will pay close attention, help out, document what is entailed in putting a DB into the portal, and then replicate the result on the new "ENCORE 2" server (to be named soon...)

  • first task will be to get together - perhaps Sunday (5 pm hiroki's time, 8 pm) david and rokham's time. Or Monday (3 pm hiroki, 6 pm david and rokham)
  • probably the next job will be to install mysql on one of YOUR portal installations
  • figure out how to get the data (from our portal) that is written into the local virtual database (hsqldb) gets written instead into MYSQL.
  • working with laurel and Hiroki, implement this approach on the main development version in the ENCORE server
  • ongoing: document the process of adding a DB to the portal (e.g., installing MYSQL, etc)
    • can make a new page in the "getting started in developing the portal" section of the PRP Resource section of ENCORE
    • make a new page called "setting up MySQL"
    • make another new page called "using a different database" - and include an example of installing H2 or some other db

Adding database into portal

2. Pas Portal installer and set up.

(e.g., when we go to european labs, we want to be able to install the system without having to install eclipse, maven, etc.)

  • PAS portal
  • SAIL data service
  • authoring environment
  • database
  • need ability to run the authoring tool and VLE from somewhere othre than Berkeley.
  • make some of that process automatic (database, etc)
  • some kind of Web-based WAR file
  • an environment for taking the classes that turn into the jars that get combined together into jnlps that turn into application code, etc.

We need to create a couple of similar pages to the "How to install the portal for development" - like:

  • How to install the SAIL Data Service (SDS) - Aaron Unger has written that page. need to find it.
  • How to install the PAS Webstart servlet (needs to be created)

We want someone to easily make another instance. Not so much a one click thing to set up, but rather: refactor the code and the settings so that its easy for a person to grab the code and set up - a set of procedures that you do to get going.

  • Maybe build on what Cynick started for portal development, but for only installing the researcher pack.

we can assume that there is a fairly high level of sophistication in the person installing (e.g., a developer or administrator).

  • SHOULD BE AS SIMPLE AS CHECKING OUT THE SVN CODE, then setting up an instance

3. LOR

  • Could compare what LOR does for content repository vs. Jackabbit or other systems can do.
    Use LOR to replace what we're doing with Confluence right now.
    Trudy is familiar with all the steps she does to add a project into the portal: We are also using Confluence to do curnit-level versioning.
    (Q: Does LOR support versioning? If not, then David could try to specify our needs for curnit level versioning with respect to the portal. This connects with what we've been calling a "SAIL publishing service")
    So: Specify the SAIL publishing service
    • Next steps: We need a commitment form them on when they are going to implement versioning, as well as open sourcing

4. Ajax functionality for Pas Portal (Tony: this seems like a low priority compared to version and respository stuff. we have a basic non-ajaxy group functionality now)

5. Pas Portal Testing Strategies

6. Direct Web Remoting with Spring

7. Pas Portal + RoOLO Integration

8. Other

h2: old stuff below

PRP Wish List - what some of us really want for our OWN understanding

TODO - How to get up and running.

  • How to get up and running for use in a [Pas research or classroom environment]. Installing a portal, registering students, customizing a curnit, running a curnit in the classroom, etc..
  • Quick Start
  • [FAQ]
  • How to get up and running for use in a [Pas development environment]. Developing new or extending existing functionality in Pas Portal, Pas Authoring and Pas VLE.
  • Quick Start
  • [FAQ]
  • Documentation provided via a wiki, Collaboration in Encore, javadocs, jira for bug tracking


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This is a collaboration between Toronto, berkeley, Concord Consortium and others to create a nimble open source stand-alone portal that provides researchers with a registration system, authorware, and student learning environment.

Problems with the Portal

Hibernate flushing issue

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