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Welcome to the SAIL-KF Collaboration.
Please feel free to edit any page or add new pages, images, etc.

Only members of the Collaboration can see these pages. For the time being, we can only add people by hand, so please send e-mail to I will create any accounts you request and add them to the collaboration.


  • To expand the pedagogical capabilities of knowledge building, using the KF tupl-base, with added layers of functionality implemented in SAIL.
  • To enable other researchers to take off running with these expanded capabilities. We will open source the SAIL layer, and hopefully make the KF Tupl layer as open as possible.

Discussions of pedagogical models

  • Click the header above to see the various ideas for layers of information, synthesis, etc.
  • Researchers will add their ideas and aspirations here

Discussions of technical integration

  • click the header above to see the various threads related to the technical integration of KF with SAIL or other technologies.

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This is a collaboration where various researchers and techies can explore a possible integration of KF and SAIL technologies.

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