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Pas Researcher Pack

Pas Researcher Pack Plan

Collaboration Schedule

Berkeley, California Meetings, April - May 2008


April 30th

Adam and Jakob fly into San Francisco, CA

Thursday May 1st - Friday May 2nd

Agenda for Thursday

Thursday May 1st Meeting Minutes 

PAS Architecture Diagrams and Explanations 

How to run the Authoring Tool 

Friday May 2nd Meeting Minutes 

Tony, Hiroki, Geoff meet with Adam and Jakob. Talk about existing SAIL/Pas/PRP architecture



Monday May 5th to Friday May 9th

Hiroki, Geoff, Tony, Adam & Jakob go to Javaone for part of or all of the conference.



Sunday May 11th to Wednesday May 14th

Dinner at Marcia's Sunday around 4pmer

Monday possible meeting with Wouter.

Monday Meeting
Hiroki, Geoff, Tony, Adam, Jim, Carlos, Turadg, Rokham meet at the beach and discuss SCY and SAIL Integration.

Tuesday Meeting and Roolo CMS Scenarios

Turadg joins Monday morning and works full time through Tuesday.  Part time rest of week.

Preliminary conclusion and questions 

SCY Look and Feel 

Thursday May 15th to Friday May 16th

Turadg works some at Berkeley like ol' times.

Utrecht, Netherlands Meetings, June 2008

All of SCY

Saturday June 21st to Wednesday/Thursday June 25/26th

Arrive in the Netherlands and attend workshop.

Notes from Tony and Jakob Skype Meeting, March 17th 2008

JavaOne May 6th to 9th Tuesday - Friday

Jakob and Adam arrive.

Meeting with Jakob June 16th

Meeting minutes, June 16th

Meeting with Jakob June 16th

Meeting minutes, June 18th

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In the SCY (Science Created by You, project there will be four missions developed. These mission will be deployed and tested in several countries in the EU. There are 12 partners from 7 countries. The project is started at March 1th, 2008 and will run for 4 years. The total budget of the project is 8 Million Euro.

The SCY project will create a SCY-Lab web site, where all mission can be run from. 

As the project just started, it is not yet clear what capabilities the SCY-Lab will have and how they will be achieved. Here are some ideas about the project from the University of Twente.

The students will work individual and in groups. There will be pedagogical agents  (who observe the actions of the students) who will make useful suggestions to the students (such cooperate with an other student).

 There will several tools developed, which students can use to carry out the missions. The tool could be plain applications, web applications (html, flash or java based) and can run on pcs and/or pdas. The tools can also be used off-line.

All relevant user actions will be logged.

The student will create ELO's (Emerging Learning Object) while working on a mission. A ELO can be almost every thing, such as set of data points, report, mathematical model. The ELOs will be used by other students.

The ELOs are stored in a central repository. An ontology to describe the ELOs will be developed.

The students will work on one or more workspaces. A workspace contains the data describing the work of the student. Multiple students can work on the same workspace (synchronous or asynchronous). Workspaces can be shared, including the correct handling of access rights. Perhaps workspaces can nested in other workspaces. People of the UDE (University of Duisburg-Essen) suggested to use tuple space technology for workspaces.


1st Delieverables

3 months public website.


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This is a private Collaboration wiki where we can maintain clear pages, attachments, etc, relating to the integration of SAIL and SCY materials

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