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For now this is just a collection of .pdfs if I get around to it I'll sort them out better and maybe add the rest of the bibliographical information... I did at least remove any that I thought weren't useful or were a duplicate. Most of these deal with ontologies and the kinds of technical designs that go into making devices and software connect and share information, but there is also some good case study embedded within these discussions.

Previewed Papers

An ontology-based framework for dynamic resource management in ubiquitous computing environments

A taxonomy for multimedia service composition

A taxonomy of ubiquitous computing applications

An Agent-Based Framework for Context-Aware Services

Computers in the human interaction loop

Intelligent agents meet the semantic Web in smart spaces

Semantic web technologies for ubiquitous computing resource management in smart spaces

The connector - facilitating context-aware communication

The Design and Implementation of Shared Ontologies for Smart Space Application

The interactive workspaces project

Toward a framework for evaluating ubiquitous computing applications

Other Readings (haven't read but seem important)

  • Soldatos, J. (2006) 'Software agents in ubiquitous computing:
    benefits and the CHIL case study',
    Proc. of the Software Agents in Information Systems and
    Industrial Applications (SAISIA'06)
    Workshop, Karlruhe, Germany, 9-10 February.
  • T. Moran and P. Dourish, "Introduction to This Special Issue
    on Context- Aware Computing," Human-Computer Interaction,
    vol. 16, nos. 2-4, 2001, pp. 87-97.
  • A. Jameson, "Adaptive Interfaces and Agents," The
    Human-Computer Interac- tion Handbook, Lawrence Erlbaum
    Assoc., 2003, pp. 316-318.
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