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New Media Club (NMC)


The New Media Club at UTS endeavours to find new and novel ways of creating, designing, and interacting with technology both as individuals and as a school. The parallel student club is known as Project 204a.

Our work includes using the UTS Smartroom as a development and implementation space for our work.

Part of our aim is to also help teachers in developing exciting new way to use the Smartroom for their own classes.

Current Projects

Interactive White Board Glove

Multitouch Interface


IR Fingers

Sound-Based Interface

High-Res Tiled Display

IR Whiteboard

FTIR Screen

Current NMC Supported Class Projects

2008 World Issues



2008 Fall English - Macbeth


Weather - Webmizzle

Map Rendering - Prespective Edge (Contour Maps), Cartography

Learn Provinces/States/European Countries

World Continents Quiz 

Things we need/want

Additional projectors: many uses include improving the resolution and minimizing shadows with the Multitouch Whiteboard by stitching the outputs of multiple projectors, creating an immersive display environment by projecting onto large screens around the room, or for the Multitouch Screen (FTIR-type)

More Wiimotes: for strongly improving the Multitouch Whiteboard and also necessary for IR Fingers.

IR LED array (assembled) or IR LEDs and stripboard to make an array: for IR Fingers.

Smartphones of some sort? For GPS, tagging things in space, permitting more users to use the room, etc.

Audio Server: PulseAudio to manage and control audio input from various systems/devices in the room and send it to the surround-sound system.

*Does anyone know how to setup PulseAudio ? The documentation I have been finding is a bit murky on how to set it up. -zmanji

Shopping List:


Laurie Charpentier

Stanley Sun

Adam Venis

Zameer Manji

Denny Wiseman

Alex Radu

Adam Martin

Jonathan Schneider




  1. Is it possible to install photosynth (works on xp and vista, not just vista) on either the server attached to the multi-display array or onto a laptop for the touch screen and to take pictures of the whole school and upload them to make a 3d picture of the whole school, inside and out? 

    Also, could we somehow make a pen that works like the ones for the smartboards, drawing lines in different colours, not just being a mouse?  (without having to open a drawing program like paint or something?)I mean, we could probably just use a dry erase marker, but is there a simple way to make it work like a smartboard?

    1. Yeah, let's try out photosynth. A 3D map of the school would be extremely interesting

      There is a way to make a Wiimote recognize different pens, but it is much more complicated than our current setup: using a high-frequency IR signal that I think is similar to the way a tv remote control works. This would add a lot of funtionality and create the possibility of multiple-user interaction, but requires some hardware in the IR pen and also more complex software to recognize different signals.

      1. I'm down with this 100% maybe on Thursday we can put the software on the Dell to start playing with it


  2. Can I please get added to the member list? is that smthing i do myself?

    1. Hey Tudor,

      Are you currently able to make edits to this page?  If not just let me know and I will adjust the permissions


  3. Why don't we install Windows 7 64-bit beta on the dell so that we can set up the wiimotes with it (i think it supports multi-touch) and we can throw a bunch of ram in too for photosynth?

    1. Sure once we get the partitions fixed we'll dedicate one to it