• Ways to Test the Pas Portal
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Pas Portal Testing Strategies

The Pas Portal is quickly more full featured. From the ability to create users, offerings and launch the Pas VLE. Testing is becoming more important to make sure the software is sound. Currently there is no formal strategies to test the portal end-to-end. Here are some elements of testing that could be beneficial to the portal.

Documented Testcases

It is important to identified the critical areas of the portal and come up with test scripts. These scripts should provide not only an indepth test scenarios but also sanity checks before releasing the portal to production.

Testing Procedures

Testing Procedures are important because they give a clear indication to everyone on the development the on what the development, testing and release cycle is. For example, setting procedures like: "Code cut off is one week before release with only new code to fix stop ship bugs."

Types of Tests
  1. Unit Tests - These serve as low level code tests. For instance, verify that a certain xml is being generated correctly. However on a whole this does not verify that the portal is working correctly.
  2. Automated Tests - These serve to test specific parts of the interface and end-to-end scenarios of user interaction.
  3. Sanity Checks - These are done when a new build is ready to be tested. before going on full force testing, these tests answer "are the basic functions working?". A good example of this is user creation.
Testing Tools

Testing tools can automate alot of UI tests. There is a cost to these in the time it takes to set up. However, the benefits will be fully realized when the tools preform on their own. There are a number of testing tools available:

UI testing tools for the portal

Huge List of Open Source Testing Tools

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