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CMapServer Installation

My experience of installing CMapServer on MacPro with Leopard

Installation Environment

  • Leopard on Mac Pro.
  • Apache Web Server on port 80
  • CmapServer version 4.18
    The most important thing is to set proper parameters in the configure file (serverconfig.txt). The parameters that I set manually in the configuration file are:
    server.port (I used the default setting)
    webserver.port (changed this to one that the Apache Web Server is not using)

Other parameters can be set through CMap Administration Tool.

Run CmapServer as a Service on Leopard

Instruction on how to run CmapServer as a service on Mac OS X is available at:

  • The cmapserver script
    Please read point 5 under section "How to run CmapServer as a service in Mac OS X" VERY carefully.
     It is assumed that the CmapServer program has been installed on "/Applications/IHMC/CmapServer".
    However, the program will be installed, by default, in "/IHMC Cmapserver/" directory under a directory you've chosen. There is a space in the directory name. And this space makes the cmapserver script on the above mentioned webpage does not work properly. I solved this problem by creating a symbolic link in /usr/local/CmapServer/ directory. My script is adapted from the start up script for MySQL.
  • The StartupParameters.plist file
    Here is script I am using.

Problem found in CMapServer

  • Installation Directory. If you want to install the program in /Application/ directory, you MUST log in Leopard as a system administrator. Otherwise, it can only be installed under the user's personal directory (e.g. /Users/nathan/). The installation program will not ask for system administrator's username and password for Authorantication. But, instead shows an error message window.

    (The above window will not show).

CMapTools Installation (may not be necessary)

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