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  • connecting theory to practice
    • theoretical understanding of student learning
    • theoretical understanding of teacher practice
    • the role of inquiry activities and technology in enabling those processes
  • integrating inquiry into instruction
    • how much, when, and for what?
    • assessment: the role of technology in revealing student ideas 
    • design: teacher as curriculum designer and action researcher
    • enactment: things that can go right and wrong during the inquiry lesson
  • specific forms of inquiry learning
    • collaboration
    • Integrating Web-based resources
    • mobile devices
    • collective inquiry and student-contributed content
  • support for teachers in a school community
    • what we need from our school
    • what we can get from our peers
    • a possible role for virtual community
  • Identifying affordance of various technologies for teaching/learning


Course Dates

  • Start date: July 1
  • End date: August 28 (6 weeks plus 2 weeks for grading)