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Purpose of this page: We will keep track of things that needs to be done regarding each component of the MOOC work. We can check this page to see what each team member is supposed to accomplish. 

MOOC Design

  • learning content design
  • assessment
  • activities
  • DF
  • Streams (Stian)
    • Low participation stream
    • High Participation Stream
  • Community Design


MOOC Development


  • learning content development
    • video
    • ppt
    • readings
  • assessment
  • activities
  • DF
  • Streams
    • Low participation stream
    • High Participation Stream
  • Community Design


Research Design







Old notes. will be deleted soon.

Week of October 20:

  • Hedieh:
    • DONE-Meet with Laurie and Will on Oct 20th and start a high level plan. What goes into the management part of MOOC development
    • DONE-update the timeline and resources document
    • DONE-organize Inquiry MOOC wiki space
    • A brief review of interesting and not that very interesting MOOCs (design-wise)
  • Jim, Rosemary, Hedieh, Stian
    • Meet October 23 at 11:30a.m.
    • Agenda:
      • Audience: Teachers, (Science? Secondary School? Global or North America?)
      • Theme: persistent knowledge community
      • Platform:
        • edX: 
          • Lower number of participants, apparently fewer tourist-type learners 
          • more accommodating
          • Discussion forum cohorts: 
        • Coursera: 
          • more resources for support
      • MOOC rationale and logistics:
        • UTS & other stakeholders groups. (research, participants, oise, degree course)
        • what is expected of the learner?
        • Why should a teacher be interested to take this MOOC?
        • What is the highlight of this mooc in terms of learning outcome?
        • How does UTS partnership enhance the MOOC?
        • level of copyright (all OER? or what level of cc?)
        • Budget (should be sorted out before proposal goes in)
      • MOOC design ideas: 
        • Content: MOOC themes and their learning goals
        • Seeding the knowledge base
        • SIG groups
        • How does a typical script work? (it has to be pretty structured) 
        • DONE-what kind of videos do we want to include? (do a sample of each content type and make a prototype)
        • check how connectivist MOOCs work.
      • Design meetings and timeline
      • Research: teacher PD, KCI, 


Summer 2014

  • Proposal prepared
  • development timeline and resource allocation document prepared

promo follow up. 

follow up with teachers about lesson design/video recording

collecting lesson design documents from teachers to include as resources

making steady progress on weeks

pre-course demographics survey and knowledge base survey