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Jan 29 2015



  • Content and video scripts
    • Week 1
      • Reviewing Week 1 for covering of intended content relevant to our goals for the week
      • After this review, week 1 will be developed in as much detail as possible and then undergoes a final review in two weeks
      • teachers 
    • Week 2
      • Review of learning goals and content topics 
      • How can we design a meaningful collaborative activity for learners to engage in and to come up with a co-constructed knowledge object?
        • possible technologies
          • coggle
          • etherpad
        • questions: 
          • Considering week 2 theme and the overall topic of the MOOC, what are the two main objectives that we are aiming for in this activity (e.g. an early exposure to the importance of scripts, challenges in assessing collaboratively constructed knowledge objects)?
          • how not to bring down the external technology? 
          • how to group learners so that not more than n learners are in each collaborative group? 
  • How would the script for HP/LP streams look like? 
  • UTS teachers
    • who and when to meet them for orientation and scheduling video recordings 
      • Do we want to go week by week or all at once? 

Jan 26 2015 

Participants: Jim and Hedieh

Work done: Adding details to week 1 videos; Possible designs for weekly email;