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ENCORE is an Educational Network and Community for Open Resource Exchange. It is created, managed, and maintained by volunteers from within the learning sciences. Our goal is to support researchers as they exchange open source or open content materials, including relevant support documentation, constraints to implementation, and contact info. ENCORE is implemented in an enhanced wiki format, allowing for easy maintenance of small thematic spaces and collaborations. Researchers may find great materials here, and get support from colleagues to embed or intermingle those materials effectively and appropriately. Instructors or students in learning sciences courses may find and contribute reviews of papers, technologies, or other resources. Small groups can form "Collaborations" to support their efforts to exchange materials or develop new ones.

  • Tribes
    • ENCORE supports the exchange of materials within and between research projects, labs or other groups, called "Tribes." Click here to see existing tribes, join one, or start a new tribe.
  • Resources
    • Find and use tools or materials that were developed by others in the field. Read reviews, access support materials, support your research, including support pages that help you adopt and adapt those materials.
  • Collaborations
    • Collaborations are private wiki spaces that enable small groups of ENCORE members to
      share, combine, aggregate or improve upon their resources.