• Roadshow (July 2012)

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Getting started using Confluence
|T|M|F|1335454600506|1335461165349|mattz|Set up GitHub repo|
|F|M|F|1335462403556|          |mattz|CLIENT UI: Mock up (in HTML5) basic input screen with tag selector, "kind", "about", etc.|
|F|M|F|1335462603494|          |mattz|CLIENT UI: write javascript (washago.participant.js) to add interactivity (send contributions to board)|
|T|M|F|1335462776677|1335500002689|mattz|BOARD UI: write javascript (washago.wall.js) to receive contributions from board|
|F|M|F|1335463020999|          |mattz|BOARD: write javascript (in washago.wall.js) to write contributions to mongo|
|T|M|F|1335475627695|1335477685408|armin|SERVER: Install XMPP (prosody) server and configure|
|T|M|F|1335475635657|1335477700479|armin|SERVER: Install MongoDB|
|T|M|F|1335461408616|1335480489069|armin|SERVER: Set up mongodb-rest on server (ask Jamon?)|
|T|M|F|1335475645486|1335477704018|armin|SERVER: Install node.js|
|F|M|F|1335454511358|          |mattz|SERVER: Set up Roadshow laptop server|
|FT|M|F|1335454522406|          1335500024394|mattz|SERVER: DNSMasq for dns lookups|
|F|M|F|1335461231995|          |miket|Keep beers frosty|
|F|M|F|1335461236625|          |mattz|Keep fire going|
|F|H|F|1335461328605|          |mattz|Keep game tight|
|F|M|F|1335454283929|          |miket|CLIENT UI: Worry about different screen sizes / platforms (meda queries, etc.)|
|F|M|F|1335463948895|          |mattz|BOARD: restore contributions from mongo (washago.board.js)|