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We spent about fifteen more minutes on the lecture and homework reflection part, so we had to cut several minutes of each of the following activity. I do not know if our classmates felt a little overwhelmed, but a friend mentioned to me the design activity was a little short.


I remember after I introduced the requirement of the design activity and asked the classmates to reform their groups, they did not take action immediately and they seemed a little surprised. I do not if it was because that they did not expect the introduction was so short or they did not get the idea of what to do next. I should give them opportunities to ask questions so as to clarify what they do not understand rather than supposed that they could get enough scaffolds from the google docs we had created for group discussion.


When I was in groups to support the discussion, I did not know if I should provide some scripts or just let it go, and if they have some questions, they would ask me. Maybe it is because I am influenced by knowledge building theory, not trying to control students, and also because I am not confident enough to provide suggestions. --Gaoxia