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  • Find services such as food court, washrooms, and nearest entrances  
  • Locate registration desk, emergency department, security personnel or staff member
  • Anticipate turns, steps, narrow spaces, corners, furniture  in the surroundings and provide direction according to their orientation
  • Identify type of doors (revolving, push/pull, automatic, sensor based wave hand)
  • Indicate wait-time based on line-up at registration desk or the # being called on the system
  • Automatically identify professional person entering the room by sensing outfit (nurse, doctor)
  • Orientate to their surroundings within the room; identify location of bathroom, call button, light switch and the door to hallway
  • Easily identify where objects within the room are; water pitcher, personal belongings, hand sanitizer, phone and tv
  • Automatically scan the food tray and identify the food items and silverware on it; sense temperature level provides precaution instructions for hot food items (tea/coffee) or room heater
  • Direct to pay station; identify denominations to pay for parking or indicate the correct location of visa/master card in their wallet to easily pick out and pay
  • Dictate sidewalk hazards, curbs, traffic signals and parking lot # of their personal parked vehicle

User Scenario


Anne is a grade 11 student at Mother Theresa Public School and is medically diagnosed as a person with dyslexia, who has difficulty in learning to read or interpret words but does not affect general intelligence.   Today is Monday and she is on a day 2 schedule of her 2nd-semesterclasses, which is as follows:  8:55-10:20 Math, 10:25-11:40 Religion, 11:45-12:45 Lunch, 12:50-2:05 Chemistry, 2:10-3:25 English