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  • Get to know the course and resources
  • Introduce yourself based on subject matter interest 
  • check out resources
  • Survey?


Components (Being updated)

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Jim & Rosemary

Intro video (Hedieh's note: I have revised the scripts)

[Portuguese translation] (Renato is willing to translate this)



Intro text     
 To do in week zero    
Email to Learners on course homepageText   Notes
Welcome messageemail text (Email sent to learners when they sign up. Needs changes)   

To access the template:

  1. Go to EdX Instructor Dashboard, choose the "Email" tab and click on the "Sent Email history" button.
  2. Choose the template labeled "EMAIL TEMPLATE (FINAL)".
  3. Click on the "Copy Email to Editor" button.
SurveyLink to surveyfinalizedimplemented?Notes
SurveyTeacher perception and technology access (needed? If so, should be reimplemented using a mainstream survey tool)  

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UTS staffphoto plus bio (Changes?)   
UofT staffphoto plus bio (Changes?)


ActivityDiscussion forumprompt?  
Introduce yourselfin relevant subject-matterNo  
Resource collectiveLink to ?