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  1. Clean up the wiki, organize page a bit (Jim will helpThink about the key media and contexts
    1. See All themes knowledge base brainstorm
  2. Think about all the core readings
    1. for each media category
    2. maybe for each context
    3. For knowledge communities, knowledge building, etc.  (Slotta, in press; Scardamalia, 02; Yotam Hod, 2016 - learning communities and future learning spaces)
  3. Move the wiki over to BC  (Jim will help export/import)
    1. experiment with BC Confluence (it may be updated, or not?)
    2. experiment with blogs (can we have a group blog?)
    3. think about resources - so many resources listed on these themes.  
      1. sometimes 20 or 30 for one theme for one year, and another 5 or 6 each year after that
      2. some of these resources are old and not even working anymore (see the Silver Tsunami example below - probably half the projects there are dead)
      3. Some of them are out dated
      4. the formatting of them is quite varied  - some are just links on a page, some have their own page.
    4. experiment with pages - keywords  (can we make a page of resources that auto-fills according to keywords)
    5. pedagogical approaches...
      1. some are organized by "syllabus"  - i.e, the page names are actually things like "Oct 12, 2013" - so that isn't very good.
  4. Create page for orientation