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Examples of Knowledge Communities

Alliance for Digital Inclusion
The Alliance for Digital Inclusion (ADI) is an industry body of core and associate members committed to the Digital Inclusion agenda. It recognises that individuals and communities who are not making use of information and communication technologies (ICT) are likely to become increasingly marginalised. ICT can be used pro-actively to promote social inclusion and community regeneration.


JISC Cetis: Center for Educational Technology & Interoperability Standards

Accessible E-Learning

Skills for Access
The comprehensive guide to creating accessible multimedia for E-Learning.


W3C: Web Accessibility Initiative
Strategies, guidelines, resources to make the Web accessible to people with disabilities

Implementation by Knowledge Communities

Aging By Design III

BBC Webwise
This website contains an online training course for using "the net" as well as access to BBC's accessiblility articles. It is led by "Bruce", the purple spider.

E-Learning for E-inclusion


United Hebrew Geriatric Center Gerontechnology Program

Seniors Using Knowledge Media

The Ageless Project - Born in the 1910s metasite


wikiGranny SondraC
Article on SondraC

References and Resources


Challenges to Learning


E-Learning for E-Inclusion Manifesto

Digital Divide

Teens Teaching Seniors: The Digital Divide on a Local Level

The Grey Digital Divide: Perception, Exclusion, & Barriers of Access to the Internet for Older People

E-Learning / E-Inclusion

Beep Social Inclusion



Internet Use Information/Statistics

A Typology of Information and Communication Technologies Users
Includes Web 2.0 Users


The Savvy Boomer

Seniors, Third Age, Later Life

Appeal and Interest of Video Game Use Among the Elderly


Make Surfing Easier: Free Adaptive and Assistive Resources

Instructional Resources

Basic PC Techniques for Dear Mom


Senior Corps. Tech Center - Online Learning Center
Various resources and training for all levels of users

Studies and Surveys

e-Learning for Seniors - eLSe, SOCRATES Programme, User Needs Analysis