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Intro + Four contexts – 
  1. Knowledge building and learning communities
    1. Scardamalia, 
    2. Slotta, in press . (maybe Slotta & Najafi, 2012)
    3. Lave and Wenger, 1981
  2. Smart cities, health and lifestyle
  3. Work (sharing economy, social entrepreneurialism, etc)
    1. future of work -  OECD scenarios . (ch 1, selected pages), - NYT opinion article
  4. Formal education (K12, university)
    1. Alan Collins
    2. Yotam Hod - Future learning spaces
  5. Informal and lifelong learning (home, museum, citizen science, etc) 

Media categories
  1. Mobile (location dependent - where its not about just doing something on your phone (game, calculator, itunes), but about the phone knowing where it is, having capabilities that are related to knowledge, interactions, or learning
    1. Key Examples: snapchat, FourSquare, Tinder, MapMyWalk, Uber, pokemon
  2. tangible and embodied - physical interactives, 3D printing, mixed reality, touch surfaces, tables, tangible and ubiquitous computing
    1. Key Examples: Maker movement, Occulus Rift, mixed reality (BeeSim, EvoRoom)
  3. Social Media - Sharing circles, sharing economy,  
    1. Key Examples: Wikipedia, Facebook, (pick one or two from sharing economy)
  4. Content - TV, reality, etc, games (video, other), publishing - books, news, other, art (media)
    1. Key Examples: games for learning, graphic novels, transmedia, interactive Web sites, MOOCS, Kahn Academy, PhET, WISE,

critical questions

" future of work? (OECD "sustainable livelihoods")

  • transportation
  • cities garbage and energy
  • politics
  • education

What kinds of functions and affordances, are we seeing now

  • examples (objective)
  • patterns (reflective)
  • implications (interpretive)

What are the promising applications for future

work, cities, lifestyle and education

culture - art

social issues

How do we define media, and how is the definition changing

  • evolution of print media, graphic novels, etc
  • Games for Learning
    1. Examples

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Cities, Health and Lifestyle  
Cities, Health and Lifestyle  
Cities, Health and Lifestyle  
Cities, Health and Lifestyle   
Cities, Health and Lifestyle   
WorkSharing econony  
Formal Education   

Formal Education


Formal Education


Formal Education

Informal Learning   
Informal Learning   
Informal Learning