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Please do not just click "next", "next", ... to install the program. Some special feature will not be installed if you use the default (typical) installation.

Download the CmapTools installation program

Click the following link to download the installation program.

Install CmapTools

  1. Double click the installation program.
  2. In "Introduction" window, click "Next".
  3. In "License Agreement" window, select "I accept the terms of the License Agreement", and click "Next".
  4. In "Installation Type" window, select "Advanced Configuration", and click "Next".
  5. In "Choose Install Folder" window, click "Next". If you want to change the directory where you want to install the program, click "Choose ..." button and select a directory you want to install the program, and then click "Next".
  6. In next window, click "Next".
  7. In "Choose Shortcut Folder" window, click "next". If you do not want to use the default setting, choose one you like.
  8. In "Configuration" window, select either "Automatically" or "On Demand" (recommend "Automatically"), and click "Next".
  9. In next "Configuration" window, select "Keep all User IDs and Passwords across sessions" if you do not share the computer (or user account) with another Cmap user and you do not want to enter your username/password every time you use Cmap. Otherwise, select "Delete all User IDs and password at the end of each session". Then, click "Next".
  10. In next "Configuration" window, click "Next"; in the new window, click "Next" again.
  11. Select "Yes, automatically start the Cmap Recorder".
  12. In next "Configuration" window, select "Yes, use Audit Mode" (the default option), and click "Next".
  13. In next "Configuration" window, select "No" (the default option), and click "Next".
  14. In next "Configuration" window, select "Yes" if you want to create log files; or select "No" if you do not want to create log files". Recommend to select "No" if you are using computer at home.
  15. If you select "Yes" in previous window, you will need to go through another 4 windows to set up the folder, log file name, log file size, and log file number. You can just click "Next" on these 4 windows. If you select "No", you will go directly to next step.
  16. In "Pre-Installation Summary" window, click "Install" to start the installing process.
  17. In the last "Install Complete" window, click "Done", then you finish the installation.

Start and run the program.

See How to Use CmapTools at UTS for instructions on how to use CMapTools