• World Wide Web Instructional Committee (WWWIC)
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Virtual Learning Environments, Geology, Biology, Archeology



Copyright Status

© 1998 - 2005 World Wide Web Instructional Committee

Resource Type

Technology Tools and Environments

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Intended Audience

Primary Level (age 2-5 years), Elementary School (1st - 5th grade or age 6-10 years), Middle School (6th through 8th grades or age 11-13)


The World Wide Web Instructional Committee (WWWIC) is an adhoc group of North Dakota State Univesity faculty dedicated to developing internett-based edcuational software. The websites facilitates some virtual learning environments fro computer science biology, geology and anthropology. Althought the virtual aspects of this software is limited it does have a lot of potential.


North Dakato State University

Topic Area

Physical Science, Earth Science, Humanities, History and Social Studies,

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